Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pumpkin Muffins

My favorite season has arrived yet again! It's been officially Fall for a few weeks and I am taking full advantage of everything pumpkin, spiced, and cozy (even though during the day it's still been a bit on the warm side). Today I made one of my all-time favorite things in the Fall- Pumpkin Muffins!
This recipe didn't take long to make. I used my new favorite measuring cups, just for fun (what else are owl measuring cups made for, if not fun?)
And before I knew it, there were freshly baked muffins coming out of the oven.
These muffins go along perfectly with pumpkin butter. Luckily, I had picked some up this week, in my pumpkin buying frenzy, hoping I might need it for something.
So where can you find this delicious recipe? Click here for The Best Pumpkin Muffins, which are by Isa Chandra... so THAT'S why they are to die for- I have never known her to create a disappointing recipe. I did make a few slight adaptions.

  • Instead of 1/2 cup vegetable oil, I used 1/4 of cup melted coconut oil and 1/4 cup of apple sauce. 
  • Instead of soy milk, I used almond milk.

I have made several vegan pumpkin muffin recipes over the last few years and these are by far the best.
Make these in celebration of the new season!
Happy Autumn!