Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apple Season

Nate, Lilly, and I went apple picking yesterday and brought home 21 pounds of apples.
It was a gorgeous Fall day- Lilly was loving the crisp weather and cool breeze.
There is something about spending the day in the mountains that really gets me into fall mode!
Now I also am in apple cooking/baking mode! Today I started with apple doughnuts. They only used one apple :) BUT, they also used apple cider (which we also brought home yesterday) and apple sauce.
I used this recipe from Peas and Thank You- I added one apple to the recipe- peeled and diced into very small pieces. I just folded the apple pieces in at the very end.
I also plan on making apple sauce, apple pie (Nate's favorite), carrot apple ginger soup, and any other apple recipe I come across that looks good! If anyone has any suggestions, send them this way!

I'm also working on a blog post for our delicious and hearty "warm me up" type of dinner we had tonight, so stay tuned!

Happy apple season!


  1. Those apples look so tempting! Nice photos :)

  2. You know what would turn these from naughty to sinful? A cinnamon sugar topping! I've brought home cider twice to make apple cider donuts. But it doesn't last here. Hubby is on a 4 apples a day kick.