Saturday, August 27, 2011

Doughnuts, Puppy Party, & Back to School

This last week has been crazy busy for me. First and foremost, my cute little pup turned five! We celebrated with some puppy cake and doughnuts at our favorite dog-friendly bar in Charlotte, Thomas Street Tavern. Dogs are allowed in their large back patio area. There is plenty of seating, as well as some outdoor games! Think ping pong, corn hole, and a ring and hook game. We mostly stuck to my favorite activity, relaxing with a drink in hand... and a dog on my lap.

I baked blueberry doughnuts, for the people at the party.
I made two batches of blueberry glaze- the darker one just has more blueberry juice in it.
They were yummy, but slightly "healthy" tasting, due to the small amount of sugar in the recipe. The blueberries added a nice juicy burst in each bite.
The remnants of frosting the doughnuts, made a very pretty piece of waxed paper!
Pretty and tasty!
We got Lilly the dog cake at Canine Cafe
She loved it!
So did Lacey!
Sydney ate hers too fast for me to get a picture!
The pups took home pumpkin muttins as their party favors.
Then, before I knew it, we had our first day of school!! 
My new class seems wonderful so far, it will just take me awhile to get back into this routine! A few of my little darlings brought me teacher gifts: a blanket from India, an "I will miss you when I move in four days" card (yes, she's only in my class for 4 days), an apple for the teacher, and a freshly picked cucumber. They are too cute.

My kitchen and I are going through withdrawals, due to my lack of cooking lately. Hopefully I will be able to get back to it again sometime soon!


  1. Didn't even know you had a blog...and the pics are absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Thanks Theresa! I used to post much more often, but I've been too busy lately (as you and all other teachers are well aware!)

  3. wow, back to school already? it seems so soon! i'm not ready for summer to end! ps - love that photo collage... how'd you do that?

  4. I know- it's crazy how fast summer goes by! I used Collage Creator- a free mac ap! It's in the ap store, and is super easy to use.

  5. your doughnuts look insanely delicious- and i love the colors of the icing!

    i am so jealous of how gorgeous your photos are.. ;)

  6. The colors of the icing were my favorite part too! The don't stay like that for more than a day though- so serve them right away if you ever make them! I wish I had more time to practice photographing food lately... I always have fun doing it- and thank you :)