Friday, August 5, 2011

Homemade Milk and Cookies

Today is rainy and dreary. I am actually kind of loving it. We haven't had this kind of weather in so long, it is a nice change. I feel like I have an excuse to spend a lazy day inside, blogging, reading, watching movies, and staying in my yoga pants. I always love a good excuse to stay in yoga pants. Nate is not a fan- but I made it up to him by making almond milk and chocolate chip cookies to enjoy on this lazy day.
The only thing I am not loving about this rainy day, is the terrible lighting for my pictures. So I apologize for the dark shadowy images I may post (although they did start to come out better after some strategizing and light reflecting). Nate heard me grumbling about this as I was shooting in the kitchen... muttering to myself about the different equipment I need to buy so I can take a well-lit picture on a poorly-lit day. Sorry, Nate. Just a preview for the long dark winter ahead of us.

Back to the milk...
and cookies!
This was my first experience making almond milk and I have to say, it is WAY TOO EASY. How have I not done this until now? I did use the Vitamix for it, but I read that a regular blender will work too (which I was not aware of until yesterday).

Almond Milk

1 cup almonds
4 cups of water
Dash of salt

Soak almonds in about 2 cups of water for 8-12 hours. Put the almonds along with 4 cups of water total (the soaking water can be used toward the 4 cups) and salt in a blender. Blend for about 1-2 minutes. You can use the almond milk just like this, but for a smooth texture, strain the milk through cheese cloth. This takes awhile, so secure the cheese cloth with a rubber band, around the container you are straining it into. Then you will have your freshly made, pure almond milk!

Note: This almond milk will separate in the fridge so give it a quick shake and then it will be ready to drink!

If you prefer sweetened almond milk, add a few dates to the mixture (2-6, depending on your desired sweetness). You can also add the scrapings of one vanilla bean or a teaspoon of vanilla extract, for vanilla almond milk. For step-by-step pictures of making almond milk, look here. There are also other variations of almond milk recipes on the same page.

Then enjoy, with a fresh batch of cookies!
The cookies I made are from the new Peas and Thank You cookbook! These cookies have half the amount of sugar and butter compared to most chocolate chip cookies I have made, so I was a little leery of how they might turn out. I have to say, they certainly did not disappoint! I love that they still taste like a cookie (a light, somewhat fluffy cookie) but they are much better for you than a traditional chocolate chip cookie.

If you are not a Peas and Thank You blog reader yet, her blog is quite entertaining... funny, witty, and full of cute stories and yummy recipes. Her cookbook is the same way- Every recipe comes with a story, which is a nice change from your everyday cookbook. I have had her cookbook for 2 days now and have read almost all the stories that go along with the recipes. She cracks me up... as Nate and Lilly are both well-aware. Sorry, Nate and Lilly.

One more "sorry Nate" for today. Here is a picture of him pointing at the crazy lightning storm we were having. I think he was scared that he was going to get hit by it. So he came inside and I gave him a cookie.


  1. I want those cookies now! It's a gloomy rainy day here too :)

  2. I wanted one for breakfast, but I resisted :) Although, they are on the healthy side for a cookie, so it probably would have been an ok choice.