Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Summer is coming to an end for me.
I wish it wasn't so!

This week hasn't exactly been successful as far as recipe sharing goes. Earlier in the week I made a red bean and barley bowl that was definitely blog-worthy. The only problem... I skipped breakfast (tsk, tsk) and made lunch late, so by the time my lunch was ready to eat, I was ready to eat too- not ready to spend time taking pictures of the mouth-watering lunch I had made on a very empty stomach. Don't worry though, I do plan on making this again, and hopefully will find it in me to take 10 extra minutes to snap some pictures.

I also made some doughnuts that I first tried at Lacey's puppy party. They were so delicious and I was really looking forward to using my new doughnut pan as well as eating these sugary little treats. There was a slight problem though. You see, my baking soda and baking powder both come in red canisters. The recipe called for 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder. I bet you can guess what I used instead, because I wasn't paying attention. Lets say they looked much better than they tasted. The metallic after-taste made this recipe a fail. BUT they are a total success if you follow the recipe (found here) correctly.
Tonight, I was excited to try a new recipe, wild rice salad with oranges and roasted beets. From start to finish, this took me about two hours to make. Now, not all of that time was prep-time, but I had to wait an hour for the beets and rice to cook and I had to wait for them to cool before putting the salad together. Basically, I made a big, beet stained mess and all I have is a sub-par recipe to show for it. I ate it, so it wasn't horrible, but it is definitely not blog-worthy, and I will definitely not be making it again. Oh so disappointing, to spend that much time on something that turns out not as expected. It comes with the territory of trying lots of new recipes though!

Remember the green-horned caterpillar we found on our tomato plants? Well, look what Nate found today! EWWWWWWWW!
I think those are it's eggs? The first one we found didn't gross me out like this one did!
Actually, it's probably a good thing I am not sharing a new recipe on here today, because this would probably ruin your appetite. Surprisingly, none of our tomatoes have been eaten, and our tomato plants seem to be fine too. But apparently green-horned caterpillars come with the territory of tomato growing.
I'll end on a little success I actually had. Remember the moon pictures that Nate and I took? I was finally able to get some detail on a moon picture this time! It wasn't full, like last time, but you get the idea.
Hopefully, I've had my share of failures for a little bit. Now if only I didn't have to say goodbye to summer vacation in one week!!
But I guess that comes with the territory of teaching!


  1. OMG---Yes those are it's nasty eggs--seriously that grosses me out and I LOVE insects! That's too bad about your beet salad and your doughnuts and your summer ending and the caterpillar with tons of eggs on it, but at least you got a good moon shot and your red bean and barley bowl sounded good! ;)

  2. haha- yes, a few positives in here :) I was so glad Nate got rid of that caterpillar- I couldn't have done it!! Nasty.

  3. oh no! recipe failures are no fun - i've always let them get me down too, much more than it should. good on 'ya for staying positive and laughing through it! on another note - isn't that a great doughnut recipe?! i bought myself a doughnut pan about a month ago and have made those a few times now....mmmmm

  4. oh my, i'm a teacher too! what grade do u teach and what subject? i teach middle school spanish. i started tutoring some students this week, ahhh school is so near!

  5. I teach first grade. I know, the summer flies by every year!!!