Friday, May 27, 2011

Failures and Fun

I suppose failed recipes come with the territory of cooking. Especially when you try new recipes weekly. Sometimes they don't necessarily fail, but they don't come out as good as you expected. One of this week's new recipes wasn't exactly a failure... but I will definitely not be making it again. There was just something about the flavors that didn't seem to meld together. It sounds delicious... and looks delicious, but Nate and I both agree: It is not delicious.

Take a look at our white bean salad with roasted tomatoes and arugula. Don't be fooled by the bright colors and fresh looking veggies.
It was a beautiful looking disappointment.

I actually had another disappointing recipe this week. However, I haven't written this one off yet. The recipe looked like a healthy no bake cookie... how exciting! I love no bakes and I love healthy. The problem was it TASTED like a healthy no bake cookie. I had high hopes that it would be healthy but still taste sugary, buttery, and chocolatey. I know... impossible. But I still hoped. These cookies were good as long as you expect a banana with mild chocolate flavor. I will possibly make these again.
You can find the recipe here if you are interested. I am sure you will all be rushing to make them, now that I have sung their praises. But really, they aren't bad.... Just not typical no bakes (Which you can tell when you read the list of ingredients.)

Last night we met up with some friends at the National Whitewater Center. This is where Lilly decided to ride on the way there. She climbed in her bag and was completely content there. I only had 58 minutes left on my camera battery, but I decided this moment was definitely worth sacrificing one of those minutes.
On Thursday nights the Whitewater Center has live local bands play. Nate especially wanted to go because he knows one of the guys in the band Leadville Social Club
I love the Whitewater Center because every time we go there seems to be a laid back, dog-loving, hippyish crowd there. It is a fun place just to go hang out, get a drink, or eat at The River's Edge Bar and Grill (which is very vegan and vegetarian friendly). 
The dogs loved it! Lilly loves any type of "happy hour" crowd... she has been raised going to weekly happy hours, so she feels as though she is in her element :) Perhaps that is why she is well adjusted around people, but not other dogs. And Lacey loves... well, Lacey loves everything.
Sitting near a river is always fun too... even if it is man made.
We are planning on spending more time there this summer.
You should go!! Enjoy a beer (or 2) while listening to a local band... bring your picnic blanket and dog, and watch the sunset.

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