Sunday, May 22, 2011

Menus for People, Menus for Dogs

Happy Sunday! Check out these beautiful flowers Nate brought home.
This morning I planned our menu for the week from the comfort of my couch. Lilly was sitting with me, when I had to get up to get another cookbook. I came back to this.
The cutest little menu planner I have ever seen.
Lilly's menu plan is oats and veggies mixed with her Taste of the Wild dog food. Every day. For breakfast and dinner. She can't get enough of this stuff! I swear she has had a new zest for life ever since we started mixing the Sojos with her dog food. She never used to eat her food right away when we would feed her... and when she did eat, she would pick at it and eat slowly. She also always used to sleep in all the time but now she wants to get up early so she can eat her beloved breakfast blend. She seems to have more energy too. Sometimes I wish she'd still sleep in though :) Call me a crazy dog person, but I'm happy that she enjoys eating so much now. She should enjoy it, right?
This is the menu I came up with for Nate and I this week. I am hoping to take pictures of Monday's recipe and share it on here soon. We stumbled upon this recipe last week and loved it. It is delicious and actually healthier than it sounds- no cream involved!
Yesterday, I went to Crate and Barrel to find a small kitchen trinket, because I had ten dollars left on a gift card from there. Instead, I came home with this.
A smoothie maker! It was too perfect AND too good of a deal to pass up. It was on sale and also came with a twenty dollar rebate. I love it because it also came with 4 (BPA FREE) travel cups that you can use to blend the smoothie in too! No transferring the smoothie from the blender to the cup... which means fewer dishes to wash. We desperately need fewer dishes to wash, especially with all the cooking we do. Nate and I shared one this morning because we didn't have enough almond milk to make two.
I also saw a yummy looking smoothie recipe book there, that I might have to find on Amazon and order. I think I need to expand my horizons with smoothie making... I pretty much stick to the same recipe all the time. I think I'm in a smoothie rut. But it isn't a bad rut to be in. Things could be worse.

One of my favorite things about summer...
This is the sweetest, juiciest watermelon I have had so far this season. Thanks to our neighbors for buying a watermelon that was too big for them to finish- they gave us half of it! I cubed it and will be eating it as snacks and desserts for as long as it lasts. 

Now, I know I said this wasn't going to be a hummingbird blog. I lied. I have to share this picture. If you are sick of seeing hummingbirds on here, stop reading now. But come back tomorrow! This hummingbird madness can't go on forever.
Remember my complaints about bad lighting for my first hummingbird pictures I posted? Here is an example. Good lighting (and the right camera setting) makes all the difference in the world!

Maybe the next blog will be hummingbird free. Don't hold your breath though.

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