Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pictures Pups and Hummingbirds

Last night we had friends over for our favorite dinner (artichokes and wheat berry salad)! Before they arrived here, look who decided to hang out for awhile.
I LOVE his colors and long beak for sipping nectar.
I have never seen a hummingbird just chill like that! They are usually flying and eating... and fighting.
I couldn't believe how different it looked from different angles. These were taken one right after the other.
As you can tell, I was obsessed with photographing this rare occasion.
I hope it comes back and hangs out more often... although, I might use up my entire memory card on it.
Before we made dinner, Lilly and Nate hung out in the back yard. When I took this picture of Lilly, my camera literally said, "detecting smile".
That underbite cracks me up! We had a beautiful sky too.
This is Lilly "playing" with her "friend" (No, she is not really a fan of other dogs).
She does look kind of interested here. She was also trapped on the couch.
I seriously love this dinner. I think Brandon and Lisa did too... at least that is what they told me.
Here is Lacey enjoying her first artichoke leaf. She took it outside to eat it... I guess she didn't want us watching. We did anyway. (Lilly loves them, as I have shared before!) 
Lacey definitely loved them... I'm sure she will be requesting more artichokes in the future :)
Lisa made a yummy strawberry pie, with strawberries from the farmer's market. I wish I had gotten a picture of it! We had fun hanging out... Lilly is still recovering from the stress of it all.
This is the only thing I had to recover from. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to have the luxury of laying on a soft, comfy pillow all day. I still had to go to work.
If only we could all have the life of Lilly... or Lacey.

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