Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Farmer's Market and Kale Chips

The farmer's market had a plethora of veggies, fruits, and flowers today. I brought my canvas shopping basket, my dog, and my camera. All essential items for farmer's market shopping.
I was excited they had October beans! I love succotash made with these fresh beans (in place of lima beans). You just shell them and boil them until tender before adding them to the recipe.
Lilly loves the market because she finds fruits and veggies on the ground... it is like free for all snacking for her! She had just eaten a whole strawberry right before this was taken. Notice the red stain under her bottom lip.
They had bright blossoming flowers there too.
Can you tell the pink one was my favorite?
After the market, I made a quick stop at Berrybrook Farm for some oat flour. The flour is for a recipe I am hoping to share soon. I love the quaint old building this natural foods store is located in. This is where I buy most of my vitamin and herb supplements from.
 The front porch is perfect for relaxing with one of their delicious smoothies.
When I was in there I noticed they were selling kale chips between 6 and 7 dollars for a little bag. I have really been wanting to make kale chips for awhile now. Surprisingly, Nate has too! It was my final push to go home and finally make them. For my first time, I just made them very basic! Remove the stems and chop a few handfuls of fresh kale. Drizzle it with safflower (or olive) oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Roast at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. The edges should just be starting to turn brown when you take them out of the oven.
Update: Try 300 degrees for 15 minutes- they might come out more evenly crisped!
They are light, crispy, and salty. 
Now I'm eager to experiment with other recipes for kale chips! I have heard kale chips put in the dehydrator come out more evenly crispy than using the oven... another reason I would love a dehydrator. I think the next time I make these I will make sour cream and onion kale chips. At Berrybrook Farm I saw some cilantro and lime flavored kale chips that sounded delicious. If anyone has experimented with different flavors or recipes, I'd love to hear about it!

Happy 3 day weekend!


  1. I was also thinking about making the recipe for sour cream and onion kale chips hopefully Monday! That's funny, I had the same window open and saved on my computer when I read your post after seeing the kale chips at Berrybrook today. How did your kale chips taste? Are they crunchy enough that you can take a bite out of them? I'll let you know if I make them or not. It looked like they sold out of the pizza flavored kale chips, those might have been good, or those nacho cheese kale chips I've seen on


  2. Actually I might just try the simple recipe for Kale Chips you posted and see if we like them first. 22

  3. Mine were unevenly crispy. I thought that was because they were baked not dehydrated, but later on I read that it works better to bake them at 300 degrees for 20 minutes. Maybe try that? Let me know how it works.

  4. oooo. Check these out.
    Chocolate coconut kale chips. Interesting.

  5. I baked the kale chips for 15 minutes at 300degrees and that seemed to be the perfect combination! They are light and salty and crispy! Brandon and I devoured almost an entire cookie sheet full of them right after I made the first batch. I used safflower oil drizzled, sea salt, garlic salt and ground black pepper.


  6. yum! Thanks- I'll try that next time!