Friday, May 13, 2011

Hummingbirds, Smoothies, and Gardens

So I have been wanting to post a new blog since yesterday, but if you can believe it, Blogger was DOWN! The read only version was the only thing available. Anyway, I was excited to see that it is back up now so I can post again.

Last night around 8:15 I decided to take a few pictures. (There was barely enough light to photograph anything... and not enough light to have any photo considered high quality. Even with my limited photography skills/knowledge I know I am not a fan of flash photography... at least not my flash photography, so I refuse to ever use my flash.) That turned into a long side note. Anyway, last night I was taking pictures of Nate's potted garden that he finally put up on the table he built.

I can't wait to have fresh veggies from our tiny garden this summer. Now a few plant memories.

How they have grown! I love this last one, with one plant leaning toward the other. I think they are companions.

After I finished taking garden photos, I decided to take a picture of our lonely hummingbird feeder, with not a single hummingbird to be found. Before I could even snap the first photo, look what appeared!

Things that were running through my mind: I love hummingbirds! How cool that it just appeared- perfect timing. Oh, how I wish I had good lighting so these pictures would come out clear! I love hummingbirds. Look how cute he (or she... I don't know how to tell, does anyone else know?) is!
I hope one of these days to get some better pictures. If I do, I will be sure to share them! They are such feisty little creatures and they have always intrigued me.

Now for my favorite smoothie recipe, just because it seems to go along well with hummingbirds and gardens. And I'm drinking one right now as I type this.
This is a simple strawberry blueberry smoothie.
You need basic ingredients:
1 frozen banana (cut it into pieces before you freeze it, for easier blending)
1 cup frozen strawberries
1/4 cup frozen blueberries
1 and 1/4 cup almond milk
Optional: 1 scoop of stevia (I love adding a dash of all natural, guilt free sweetness, whenever possible)

Blend until smooth and savor every moment of this fruity bliss.
This is perfect for a hot summer day! Sometimes I have it for breakfast, sometimes dessert, and sometimes as a snack. I might be a little obsessed with it. It would work with any type of frozen berries you desire- I think the frozen banana is key though. It really adds the right consistency to the smoothie. (Note: This makes a very large smoothie... definitely big enough to share with a friend, if you can part with half of it).

Enough blogging for now. I'm going to finish my smoothie, try to peel myself away from hummingbird watch, and go do something fun. It is Friday night after all.


  1. I like the garden photos.

  2. I love the pic of the hummingbird with the little green body. They are soooo tiny!!! I mean really tiny~22

  3. I know! And if there is more than one around, they are always fighting! I need to change my hummingbird food today.