Saturday, June 4, 2011

Atherton Market, A Photo Filled Blog

Atherton Market is one of my favorite farmer's markets in the Charlotte area! This time of year, they are loaded with tons of fruits, veggies, and more! Check out this cute set-up at the entrance way this morning.
Right when you walk in, you will notice they have burlap shopping bags for sale. I have to convince myself not to buy one every time. We own far too many canvas/reusable bags. More than a family of 2 (or 6) would ever need. 
The first thing we bought- organic, fresh, local blueberries!
Atherton is very dog friendly. It goes without saying, but we love dog friendly places!
Lilly actually kinda liked this "hippie" dog... she kept sniffing it. I think it must've smelled like patchouli. Or incense :) And it was cute.
We always walk around the market a few times. It is in a small area and there is so much to look at. And buy!
Rainbow radishes anyone?
Multi colored beets? Yes, please.
A vegetable I have never seen, heard of, and will need to google to find out what to do with it? Why not.
Maybe some green onions and kale?
Need any wine, soap, bread, or jam?
What about local candles, handmade earrings, handmade toys, and fresh flowers?
I think at this point Nate was ready to go. He told me the rule is: You must buy what you photograph. So, I can't wait to have this new bird house in my backyard. I think Nate would change that rule if he asked about the price. Imagine how much time and work went into it!
So, we headed out, only to go to another farmer's market for a few more things. One last picture was snapped on the way out. 
Can you tell it was a bit warm on our drive over?
 We wanted this raspberry bush!
And some flowers.
But we came home with an abundance of fresh veggies instead. Here is some of the stuff we brought home.
I'd definitely call this a successful Saturday morning! I think I'm going to sneak my camera into Anthropologie later and see if Nate's rule applies there. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I have those lantanas on my porch!! They do well in dry Charlotte heat!! Also, is that rhubarb I see? If so, are you making a strawberry rhubarb pie? My grandma used to make those, that's why I asked, so long ago I dont even remember what it tastes like. More kale chips? dehydrator on the way yet?? ;)

  2. It is rhubarb- I'm not sure yet what I'm doing with it... maybe a strawberry rhubarb smoothie! I'm going to make garlic kale mashed potatoes! And I WISH the dehydrator was on the way.