Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RAW vegan

Tonight, I made a raw vegan meal from my book Living Raw Food. If you are wondering why raw? Click here. I just love trying all different kinds of recipes and ideas! The health benefits are an added bonus! Here is our sesame mixed vegetable "noodles" with herbs.
It was good, but I am going to experiment more with different dressings. This dressing was very heavily sesame'd (if that is a word). A little too strong for my taste. But overall, I was very impressed with our meal. Nate and Lilly approved too. I will share a dressing recipe once I find one that isn't too overpowering. The noodles were made from zucchini and summer squash, with my new spiral slicer. I love it!
Tonight, Nate read, "Once you go Raw, expect to feel the effects of alcohol more quickly and strongly, as your body will have become very efficient at absorption. Until you discover your new, lower tolerance for alcohol, be very careful when you drink, especially if you'll be driving" from here. I have to say, after ONE raw meal, this is true, (we shared a bottle of wine) so I can only imagine what it would be like after a few weeks on a raw diet. 
I also recently received this in the mail and can't wait to try some new recipes.
 FYI: This is how Lilly "begs"-if you can believe it, mostly for fruits and veggies. I think she wants to go raw vegan :)
While we are on the topic of Lilly, here she is after she took out her bow today. As you can see her bow is for function as well as fashion!
We ate dinner outside tonight. Check out our beautiful sky!
Oh, and our sky last night, right before we went to bed!
I can't wait to experiment with more recipes this week and I will be sure to share successes with you! In the meantime, I'm going raw so I don't have to buy as much wine ;)


  1. I'm glad your spiral slicer wasn't fake like my Green Bags from amazon. Hahaha---you should submit this recipe to Luna's..looks good! I've seen that cookbook and actually even thought about getting it myself b/c my eyes were drawn to how the author broke down all fruits and veggies by color and what nutrients make up each color. And I like how you did the pics of Lilly with her hair in her eyes in black and white, it looks like a Garnier commercial where it shows the girl with frizzy unmanageable hair...haha

  2. ha! I should've done a before and after of Lilly! Yes, Love the colors in the book- I'll let you know how the first few recipes are that I try.

  3. I want a spiral slicer now that I've seen how awesome your salad turned out! My best friend from California is coming to town while my hubby is in Europe, so we plan on using my two new raw cookbooks all next week.

    Taking the bow out was too funny. My pup is a poodle and we keep a certain amount of hair on top of his head. I love teasing it out and giving him a huge afro.

  4. Fun! I hope you share some of the raw recipes on your blog! I'd love to see them. Yes, I am so glad I got the spiral slicer- it really does make it look so pretty.
    :) Poodle with an afro- cute!!