Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pool Day and Milkshakes

Today, being my first day of summer vacation, I had big plans. Okay, not quite. I had planned on going to the farmer's market and organizing the house. But when I got an invite to go join my friend Rebecca at her brother's pool for the day, it was an offer I couldn't refuse. The farmer's market and organization can always wait for another day. I packed my bag and was on my way!
Their new house is beautiful, with a huge backyard, pool, and water feature.
I walked around and took some pictures soon after I had arrived! 
It was hot and sunny... until...
The clouds started rolling in and we could hear thunder. How dare it rain on my first day of summer vacation AND during Rebecca's pool day while she was visiting from Seattle! We moved the party inside the porch.
And watched it pour!
Sadie was scared, so she was wrapped in a blanket.
Lilly wasn't too affected by the thunder. 
We kept ourselves occupied, while the lightning and thunder was directly over us!!
Eventually the rain cleared away and all too soon it was late afternoon.
I came home ready for something cool and refreshing, since I never actually got to swim in the pool! I decided a milkshake might be just the thing.
And it was. I call this a banana-almond-coconut-milkshake.


1 sliced, frozen banana
3/4 cup almond milk
1 tablespoon shredded coconut
1 teaspoon almond extract
1 scoop stevia (optional)
nonpareils and extra coconut for garnish

Put all ingredients in blender (except those for garnish) and blend until smooth. Top with additional coconut and nonpareils.
I'd definitely recommend this milkshake on day you get rained out from the pool... or any other day you need something cold and sweet to comfort you. 


  1. Cute new dashboard!! Is that lavender? I need to work on my page as well, when I get a free moment! What time did it start raining there? I dont think it rained until 7 in clt.

  2. Thanks! It's a pic I took in Freedom Park, but don't think it's lavender... not sure though. It was still pretty early in the afternoon when the rain started. Maybe 2:30 or 3... then it started raining in CLT soon after I got home! We wished you were there!