Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wine Tasting

Part of our day today was spent wine tasting at Rocky River Vineyards, with our friends Adam and Meghan, along with their adorable and well-behaved baby Annaleigh.
North Carolina seems to produce a lot of sweet wines (not my preferred type of wine). However, Rocky mountain had a few dry wine choices to taste and we ended up buying a bottle of Cabernet to share.
Adam made a good point... the wine was definitely drinkable. Which is a compliment for North Carolina wines, so we aren't complaining. We drank our drinkable wine on their quaint, breezy front porch.
And Annaleigh enjoyed her drink of choice.
She is such a happy, sweet baby!
After we finished our wine, we took a short walk to the vineyard. Adam just got a new camera so he was practicing his photography skills. He already looks like a professional, doesn't he?
Nate had to test out his photography skills too!
This vineyard is only 4 years old!
Here are some mini muscadine grapes on the vine.
After we left the vineyard, we decided to go to the Whitewater Center. It is absolutely Adam's kind of place- as he put it, he felt like a kid going to Disney World. He was serious. Foxy (their dog) was pretty excited too!
Lilly got to share a stroller with Annaleigh and she loved it- she didn't want to get out.
After eating dinner there and walking around, it was Annaleigh's bedtime. I learned that this is how you leave the Whitewater Center when you have a stroller.
If you were hoping for a recipe today, you may be in for a disappointment. If you don't like bananas (*cough* Meghan), you are definitely in for a disappointment. This is not my own recipe, but I found it on here. They are called healthy banana cranberry oat bars. I turned them into banana chocolate chip pepita seed bars. Banana lovers- they were yummy!
If you are in North Carolina and enjoy drinkable wine and a laid back atmosphere, go wine tasting at Rocky River Vineyards (or many of the other ones!) If you enjoy sweet wines, all the more reason for you to go! And bring along some banana bars... and a cute baby.


  1. Good post! I like to # my comments to you, if you haven't noticed.

    #1 I have also noticed that NC has many sweet wines (which I'm not complaining b/c that's what got me hooked on red wine in the beginning) but why do you think that is? My theory is that it's warmer here and the grapes get riper quicker and produce sweeter wine then.

    #2 That's so funny Lilly liked to ride in the stroller...don't give us ideas.

    #3 Your banana chocolate chip pepita seed bars look awesome!! Just what Brandon and I need before our 5k Saturday! Since I've known Brandon he's talked about making his own granola/oat bars, but we've never made them! Yum!

    #4 I didn't know you had to leave the WhiteWater Center until they practically kicked you out...maybe those strollers for our dogs isn't a good idea afterall :)

  2. I think it is because of the kind of grapes that grow best here... sweet grapes (muscadine). The bars were good, but more like a cookie bar consistency, not a granola bar consistency. I think you will like them!

  3. That white water center is kind of amazing. I've never seen anything like it. Is it an artificial whitewater stretch?

    I grew up in a big wine growing area (Niagara Region of Ontario), and I'm still acquiring the taste for wine.

  4. Yes! It is actually as US Olympic training site, and it is man-made. We have gone rafting there once and it was definitely fun! There are also tons of other activities there too (rock climbing, biking, canopy tour, etc).

    When I first started drinking wine, I drank white only. Now I am an exclusive red drinker- it was definitely an acquired taste for me, but now I love it.